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Here is where it all begins ... Our Story ...

Guapa Co. started in a small workshop in England with the idea of creating something completely different to what has gone before. After having learnt about all there is to know in the world of surfboard, SUP, Ski and Snowboard manufacture and a few other advanced composite engineering skills the idea was born to fuse all this together to make a bicycle that was remarkable; not only in it's sustainable credentials but in it's aesthetics, manufacturing processes and performance on the streets.


Designed & Made in the UK

 It would not have been possible to build this bike from concept to final production design if we had not had the support and infrastructure of composites there is in the UK, it really is world leading! We teamed up with some great guys and our passion flowed into their businesses as we shifted gear and finally made it to production. 



Urban One  



Our production version, what you see here is the result of is hours and hours of design work not only on the frame but the components; then three rounds of prototypes, 50+ composite test samples, specially formulated pre-preg resin using a bio composite called flax and 100's of man hours of building & testing. 

We welcome you to Urban One, it is the ultimate urban bike for cruising around the city and has been designed to be super simple to use and maintain therefore allowing you just to enjoy the beauty of the bike and the incredibly satisfying ride performance.


(Left) Natural Flax being cut in the fields of France (Right) Our Black Edition of Urban One




One might think that because it is made of "wood" it is just a gimmick, maybe this would be true if it was just "wood" but our bikes are special and unique in that they use a very technically advanced combination of bamboo & pre-preg composite. After test coupon after test coupon we established the absolute optimum characteristics for each component of the frame and optimised stiffness and strength through the entire frame. Our bikes don't have the "flaws" associated with natural materials as we have engineered them out; we simply have take the best bamboo has to offer and "naturally evolved" it using flax composite. 






If we had got given money for every time someone looked at our bikes whilst riding, we would be well into the thousands of pounds mark by now. They are marketing machines and they turn heads everywhere, it is ridiculous. GQ voted our bikes as one of the coolest products in the world, and those guys know their stuff!!




The bike was designed for the urban cyclist, not daily grind commuter but someone who enjoys beautifully designed products, appreciates aesthetics and the craftsmanship that has gone into producing the bike. If you want to have something truly built in the UK, that no one else is going to have and turn heads ALL THE TIME then this is the bike for you. The frame size is 54cm which means around Medium, it will fit the average sized male or female with some adjustments of the seat or stem.