The Story


Guapa Co. is a design driven lifestyle accessory brand and has grown out of one man's passion for craftsmanship, innovation & a desire to make beautifully designed products that he wanted to exist. 


Our Journey

From here onwards we are committed to creating beautiful, design driven and truly inspirations products that are 100% designed in house and not just reproductions of other similar products but truly different items based around the Action Sports Industry.

Craftsmanship runs deep through our brand, we feel it is a forgotten art in the modern era of mass production. Ever since the beginnings in a small workshop in the UK individually hand building bikes, we learnt how to craft, shape and build an understanding for what is possible with natural & modern materials. Those skills and deep appreciation for working with our hands is instilled to this day as it flows across our line of accessories.

Most of all we want you to explore, be excited to talk about our stuff, travel more and seek out inspiration from what we are doing to inspire you in your journey ...