A craftsman's vision to create truly unique, sustainable gear for everyday travel.

How it all started

In 2016, GUAPAPEAKS was created by brothers Tom & Harry Williams in a small workshop in England, whilst embarking on a mission to create one of the worlds most sustainable, innovative and beautiful bamboo bicycles.

After many long months, prototype after prototype, building machinery and tooling we created something really very special.

We struggled to feel the same way and see the same passion in items we use in our everyday life. To us it has these items have lost their connection to the creators, to the craftsmen and the story of the struggle bringing something into worthwhile into existence.

Inventing the world's first wood visor caps

Always wearing caps in our workshop, one day we tried playing around with our left over bamboo from the bicycles to make lightweight, strong and beautiful visor to replace the conventional plastic one.

After many failed attempts, broken needles and a lot of patience we succeeded. Today GUAPAPEAKS is the original wooden headwear brand and inventors of the customisable cap.

We all want more choice, we want our own style, our stamp on whatever we buy. You love your cap, its comfy and fits perfect but you don't want to buy a complete new one. We solve that problem, we allow you to add another style without buying completely new.

Our modular concept means buying fewer seasonal products, reducing waste, whilst increasing the potential styles you can wear. We make the best caps, you make it even better!

Wind. Waves. Workouts. Walkabouts.

Our team is passionate about many things, arts, culture, surf, snow, working out, hanging out and adventures. Our customers follow their own path but resonate with our journey and our passions.

We are creating unique, just like our customers. We are focused on sustainable endeavours, always looking to make something different and better than before whilst being mindful of our impact on the environment.