FAQ - Phone & Camera Necklace Straps

Ok so here is all you need to know about our headwear, of course anymore questions please email us at hello@guapaco.com or on our live chat below.

1. How do I order a Custom Cap from you?

We aim to give you the most customisable range of hats anywhere. You start by selecting the crown, this could be a volley, 6 panel of hybrid style. Then simply choose which visors you want to create your own look. Add extra crowns or visors at any time.

2. What size are your caps? 

All our caps are made to fit an average head size of 58cm, all caps come with an adjustable strap meaning that there is quite a large range of flexibility.

Headsize Range: 54-60cm.

3. How do I add extra visors or crowns?

You can add Extra Visors and/or Extra Crowns to any order by choosing them at the bottom of each product page.

4. How does your removable visor system work?

Visors are fixed to our caps using a specially developed soft flexible velcro, it is as simple as aligning the centre of the crown with the centre of the visor then working your way around to each size fixing them together. 

5. Does the removable visor feel different to a normal cap?

No. You really cannot see or feel the difference, they feel just the same as any other cap you have worn before.

6. How heavy are the visors on the cap, is it hard and heavy?

The weight of the wood visors are the same as a fabric visors at 36g. Where as the surf visor weighs slightly more at 49g. You do not notice the difference compared to a normal cap.

7. What is a wood visor - is it real wood?

Yes it is made from FSC Certified real wood, all our visors are hand crafted using natural woods and then manufactured to produce a light, stiff and strong durable visor.

8. What is a surf visor?

Our surf visors are made in the same way and style as surfboards, also in the same factory and using the same manufacturing techniques.

9. I have a big head, which is the best cap to get? 

If you have a large large head then 6 Panel Snapback or Hybrids are a good choice, for girls we recommend to go for a volley cap.