Phone & Camera Rope Necklace Strap
Phone & Camera Rope Necklace Strap

Phone & Camera Rope Necklace Strap

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Our proprietary innovative multi functional utility strap has been cleverly designed to let you use with any mobile phone and existing phone case you might have, camera, DSLR or anything you can think of! 

Do I need to buy a new case? Simple, No! 

If you are active, working remotely or needing an extra pair of hands to hold your children's hand, carry some more bags from the shops or see your route quickly whilst cycling. This is the strap you need and will ask yourself how you lived without it before.

Our straps allow you to let go & live more.

Made from European manufactured polypropylene filaments, available in a range of vibrant colours to suit any style. The rope is soft, strong and comfortable to wear all day long. A smooth adjuster allows you to easily change the size of our strap on the go. Wear it higher for cycling, lower if you like to tuck it into your jacket pocket for security, tie it to your jeans belt loop to stop people stealing your phone or wear it crossbody to match your outfit.

The Hypalon loops provided with the strap allow for two secure fitment methods to any phone case that you might already have. Two small loops fit through the speaker ports for our recommended fitment method or use our extra wide loop across the width. Snap the phone back into your case and you are good to go.

UK: Free
Europe & Scandinavia: £3.50
USA & Canada: from £5.50


** 1-2 day express service available on all routes**


    • Made in Europe
    • Lightweight & Strong
    • Silky, shiny and smooth surface
    • Floatable, does not absorb water
    • Non-toxic, safe for humans and animals (OEKO-TEX®)
    • Resistant to mildew and rot
    • Doesn't get dirty quickly
    • Length adjustable (120cm End-to-End)

    Hook and Trim Features

    • Custom Made Aircraft Grade Anodised Aluminium Metal Snap Clips
    • Hypalon Trims are resistant to chemicals, high temperatures & UV sun light.

    Fitment Info:

    Our straps are designed to be as modular as possible and fit with any phone case. We provide all necessary attachments with the strap. Please watch our video below to see our assembly instructions.